FMP evaluation.

Through 15 weeks of study, our final major project is nearly finish, everyone has lots of questions during this period, so do I. Some part I think is fine, while others I think I need to improve. This essay with present my views of my Final Major Project.


My idea is make an illustration about nightmare. Because I’m quite like horror movies and the story is very fascinating, but I began to have nightmares, literal nightmares, about some of the things I saw, heard and read. It’s really amazing, like I use my imagination create a film in my brain, every film is different and special, so I want to record my nightmares.


At the beginning, I want to try to draw on a piece of cotton cloth or a piece of gunny cloth. I’m not sure, I just want to try at first, so I bought some cloth and drew some illustrations on it, then I found that is quite hard to show details, so I think I need to find other ways to make my final work. After 1 week, I was ensure that use vintage book to create work. That means I want to make a connection between the book and my illustration. Also I done some researches during these time, learned some new skills, such as screen printing, blind drawing, lino cutting.


Also I done lots of primary research and development, I went to London Natural History Museum, V&A museum, Duxford Museum and Shang Hai Natural History Museum, I took about 400 primary photos in these museum and develop my work as well, use kind of methods. Primary drawing is quite lot. I like my final piece, like a collection of our memories and every pages are unique.


But I still think some part I didn’t done well, I just don’t know how to show the development, I think that is not enough, as well as you know, development is really important part in every design. Moreover, experiment is significant as well, only designer try to use lots of different methods and materials they can create the excellent works. I should learn more from my classmates and my tutor, every time keep curiosity.


In addition, if I have more time to finish this work or I have a chance to change my work, I think I will draw more detail illusrations and make more different shapes in my book. Think about the cover and the story line, make more relationship between those three stories.


In conclude, I should spend more time in experiment and development in next project and keep good things and idea, try to some new materials in the future.

FMP 105.

These are my final posters.

I took some photos from my book, shown the different side of my book, make a clear vision for visitors.

On the first time, I just chose a spider, and changed the color of spider.

Putting it on the top right.

This is the second time outcome, but my tutor and my classmate thinks is a little bit disorderly.

I should unifying the style.

This is my final poster, I octopus in the end.

FMP 98.

Finally! After a range of experiments, I am ensure that I need to use this kind of style in my final work.

This style is not really like I drawing very carefully, but the effect is what I want.

I find that is easy to drawing by this way, because I do not need to think about the shape, just go through it and following by my hands.

My friends also agree with my opinion, the think this style is more suit for my theme as well.

As well as you can see, I drew some small insects, butterflies, spiders and moths on the paper, that is all the type of species that will show on my work.