FMP evaluation.

Through 15 weeks of study, our final major project is nearly finish, everyone has lots of questions during this period, so do I. Some part I think is fine, while others I think I need to improve. This essay with present my views of my Final Major Project.


My idea is make an illustration about nightmare. Because I’m quite like horror movies and the story is very fascinating, but I began to have nightmares, literal nightmares, about some of the things I saw, heard and read. It’s really amazing, like I use my imagination create a film in my brain, every film is different and special, so I want to record my nightmares.


At the beginning, I want to try to draw on a piece of cotton cloth or a piece of gunny cloth. I’m not sure, I just want to try at first, so I bought some cloth and drew some illustrations on it, then I found that is quite hard to show details, so I think I need to find other ways to make my final work. After 1 week, I was ensure that use vintage book to create work. That means I want to make a connection between the book and my illustration. Also I done some researches during these time, learned some new skills, such as screen printing, blind drawing, lino cutting.


Also I done lots of primary research and development, I went to London Natural History Museum, V&A museum, Duxford Museum and Shang Hai Natural History Museum, I took about 400 primary photos in these museum and develop my work as well, use kind of methods. Primary drawing is quite lot. I like my final piece, like a collection of our memories and every pages are unique.


But I still think some part I didn’t done well, I just don’t know how to show the development, I think that is not enough, as well as you know, development is really important part in every design. Moreover, experiment is significant as well, only designer try to use lots of different methods and materials they can create the excellent works. I should learn more from my classmates and my tutor, every time keep curiosity.


In addition, if I have more time to finish this work or I have a chance to change my work, I think I will draw more detail illusrations and make more different shapes in my book. Think about the cover and the story line, make more relationship between those three stories.


In conclude, I should spend more time in experiment and development in next project and keep good things and idea, try to some new materials in the future.

FMP 93.

This will be the second part in my book.

The story is from my friend, it happens in a wood house where is in a dark forest.

She dreamed about some strange things, like the ghost, the viscera, the power, the fire, the glass bar and some thing about witch.

So my idea that is, cutting the pages like a room, because her dream is in a room, I would like to choose square shape in this part.

Furthermore, maybe I will drawing some unique illustrations around this topic, I think I not only to go through with her idea, but also create some other things.

FMP 84.

On the weekends, I need to think about the shoes style.

So I found some images from internet, I decide to develop it and design.


These shoes are from old China, only the emperor’s woman can wear this kind of shoes.


These are my work, I try to use pencil and watercolor to show the different result.

If I will use this idea, I will design more detail, and use more traditional pattern in.


FMP 81.


When I was young I am really interested in a Chinese drama, named <<HUAN ZHU GE GE>>, I like the dress style, hair style and make up in that drama.

Therefore, I decide to use this style on my first character.

I will research at first, look how the Qitou looks like and design a new Qitou in my work.

Qitou was another traditional hairstyle worn not only by noble Manchurian women, but most Manchurian women.

Qitou come in different sizes and forms as shown in this photoset. In the Qing Court, the Qitou got bigger towards the end of the Dynasty, as seen in the fourth picture, where Princess Der Ling had the hugest Qitou.

Qitou is also called Liang Ba To as it has two ends (hence meaning two in Chinese).

This is my first step, then I will design the cloth and shoes.

FMP 80.


Today I will start my first idea development, the most important thing that is ensure what things will on the page.

I want to create two peoples to be the main characters, but maybe one is a monster, another one is a women.


The Empress Dowager Cixi was born in 1835, in the tenth month in the fifteenth year of the Daoguang reign (r. 1821-1850). She was from the Manchurian Yehenala clan of the Bordered Blue Banner (the core of the Qing dynasty conquest elite was comprised of households registered to Eight Banners, one of which was the Bordered Blue Banner). Cixi entered the palace in 1852, the second year of the Xianfeng reign (r. 1851-1861) and lived in the Palace of Gathered Elegance (Chuxiu gong). Since her given name was Magnolia (lan’er), she was awarded the title Worthy Lady Magnolia (guiren, title of the imperial concubine of the fifth rank). Two years later, she was promoted to the rank of a Virtuous Court Lady (pin, title of the imperial concubine of the fourth rank). In 1856, she gave birth to Prince Zaichun (later to become the Tongzhi Emperor, r.1862-1874), because of this she was honored with the rank of Virtuous Imperial Concubine (fei, title of the imperial concubine of the third rank). In 1857 she rose further in the ranks when she became a Virtuous Honorable Concubine (guifei, title of the imperial concubine of the second rank). In 1861 after her husband, the Xianfeng Emperor, died in the Imperial Summer Resort at Chengde (Bishu shanzhuang, 224 kilometers northeast of Beijing) the six-year-old Zaichun was crowned emperor and his mother Cixi was awarded the title Honored Mother Empress Dowager (Shengmu huangtaihou) and given the honorific title “Cixi”. Prior to his death the Xianfeng Emperor had appointed eight special ministers charged with assisting the emperor in ruling the nation (fuzheng dachen). All eight were either killed or committed suicide during the “Xinyou Coup” in 1861, which was plotted by Cixi and Prince Yixin in an effort to gain political power. After the success of the coup Cixi began her rule, but as a woman she could only act as regent and never as an emperor. According to Confucian teachings, which heavily influenced imperial protocol, women were the inferior gender and must be governed by men, therefore Cixi could only taking charge of state affairs from behind a screen (know as “chuilian tingzheng”), and never in the open. However, she proved to be a highly effective regent and in this manner ruled China for forty-eight years.

As the country’s actual ruler, Cixi had absolute political power. Despite the difficulty of losing her husband while still a young woman and her son in her late thirties, as well as her constant obsession with state affairs, Cixi nevertheless thoroughly enjoyed the pleasures and luxurious that life in the palace afforded. In this love of luxury and daily pomp associated with her exalted status, Cixi’s pattern of daily life followed in the footsteps of the vast majority of previous emperors. Cixi was also enamored with the concept of beauty, and her unique political status gave her the ability to implement any scheme or regime that would fulfill this desire. Over time this pursuit of beauty became the most important aspect of her life. Her appearance, clothing and food all had to be meticulously attended to. When free of political affairs, she enjoyed numerous leisurely activities including visiting gardens, appreciating flowers, playing with dogs, watching opera shows, and playing cards. Cixi also was a believer of Buddhism and found the religion’s teachings satisfied her need for spiritual guidance. In addition, Cixi was most concerned with her mortality. To that end she held a celebration of the Wanshou Festival, an event that celebrated her continuing longevity. Her decision to hold such a festival both indicated her desire to live a long life and her desire to maintain power, as the Wanshou Festival was meant to be held only on an emperor’s birthday.101008Cinehccc13.jpgt015363671ac92b1a89.jpg

FMP 79.

Artist response.Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 09.39.19.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-15 at 09.20.00.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.09.11.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.21.14.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.34.39.png

I used a simple shape to create this work.

The idea is from a comic book artist, one day when I was drawing I just keep drawing one shape, then again and again, I found that the outcome is interesting.

So I want to use this way to design the artist response.

I used three hours and 436 layers to finish it.

Also use screenshot to record the process.

My idea is design a huge insect monster.


FMP 77.

A new artist!

His name is Junji Ito, let’s see his works at first.



He is one of the top leading mangakas in the horror genre, his most popular works being UzumakiTomieGyo and The Enigma of Amigara Fault.

His Tomie series have been adapted into a series of movies and TV specials, eventually followed by a movie adaptation of Uzumaki.

He used to also work as a dental technician until the early 1990s, which probably explains a couple of things about his work.

He is quite famous in Japan and China, I knew him when I was in primary school, from that time I’m crazy in horror film, I had a classmate she likes horror fictions and she recommend him for me.

Unfortunately, in China we can not see his cartoons on time, so I just saw a few of his work.

But now, I can see his comics any time, I think his works are really lively and his imagination is so strong, is a good sample for me to create final major project.